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Join Our Team!

At Revolution Colour Studio we believe in empowering our team to create a life wealthy in time, love, and money. We believe in people over profits and encourage our stylists to live their lives in balance. We strive to create an environment that encourages your dreams and goals, but that also respects your life and family.  

*We treat our team with care, respect, and generous wages. 

*We support and empower our stylists to reach their maximum potential. 

*We nurture the individual talents of each stylist. 

*We truly believe that we succeed when our team succeeds. 

*We will never make you sign a “non-compete” agreement. You will stay because you love your job! 

*We have an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of care for our clients. We will never ask you to sacrifice quality for speed. 

*We believe working for our clients is a privilege. 

*Hairstyling is an artform and an amazing career. We encourage you to build and grow but won’t expect you to just ‘live to work.’ 

*We offer unlimited unpaid days off. 

*We encourage you to self-promote but will keep you featured on our Instagram. 

*We pay a fair flat 50% commission. No deductions or fees. 

*We pay 50% of your health insurance. (We offer Carefirst) 

*We believe in diversity and inclusion. 


Why we are different 

*We offer fair and transparent commission allowing you to focus on your craft, clientele, and career goals while we look after all the dots and dashes.     

*We have high standards and work hard to build a reputation worthy of our Ideal Clients. 

*We love watching our stylists grow and encourage them to do so. 

*We offer unlimited, unpaid sick and vacation days. We trust you will do what’s best for your career.  

*We offer health insurance. 

*We charge hourly, essentially selling time. It simplifies the quoting process, checkout, and most importantly gives you the flexibility to take the necessary steps to achieve your clients’ goals. We are craft stylists and charge appropriately for our time.  

We are dying to meet you! 

Ready to talk? We hope so! Click here and we will be in touch.

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